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August 2013 TIB Newsletter

Dan Aronovic - Saturday, October 05, 2013

  Technology Corner    


   This year The Israel Bridge will offer Israeli athletes a set of videos that explains how best to find a scholarship and educates both students and parents on the recruiting process.  Ross Greenstein has put together a set of 20 videos that takes athletes and parents down the road of how best prepare for finding a scholarship and how to make the best impression with a coach.  SchollyLife is offering the first four videos of the series for free, wanting to encourage athletes to make the best choices in a long difficult process.  Sign up for the videos at www.schollylife.com.


SAT Preparation Course Via SKYPE

Taking the SAT test is not easy for US students, let alone for Israeli students who have never studied in English before.  Of all the students that we work with at The Israel Bridge, about half will fail to get the minimum scores needed to become eligible for college sports and miss out on their chance for a college education.  The SAT is a very difficult test for any student, requiring over 4 hours to finish and it is one of the most intense experiences of a young person's life. The Israel Bridge is now working with EdgePrep International, a company that is based in the US and has created a few SAT test preparation programs designed for international students. Students get classroom instruction with certified teachers using SKYPE, as well as a custom study plan that will help them meet their exam score goals. For more details, contact Dan Aronovic at aronovic@actcom.co.il



Who We Are: 

Ross Greenstein, Scholarship for Athletes President and Founder of The Israel Bridge

Dan Aronovic, Head of Operations, The Israel Bridge

Our Vision:
The Israel Bridge will work to be the largest resource for connecting and developing relationships between Israelis and Americans.

Current activities:
Finding athletic scholarships for deserving Israeli athletes in the US and assisting them while they live in the US. We have placed over 100 athletes in the US attending schools like Ohio State, UCLA, Northwestern, UNLV, Arizona, Duke, Tulane, Temple, the University of San Francisco and many others.

Visit our website for more info:


                               Dafi Porat



                   Netanel Alcabaz

 The Israel Bridge wants to wish all of our sponsors, students and graduates a happy and healthy New Year!


Welcome to the Class of 2017! 


  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the freshmen helped by The Israel Bridge and wish them a great experience at college in the coming years.


 Gal Hakak 

Gal is one of those rare individuals who has been able to succeed in both academics and athletics. Raised in Raanana, Gal lives with his family near the Raanana Tennis Center, a world-class facility with 14 courts and host to the annual Israel National Championships.  He started playing tennis as a youngster and was ranked as the no. 1 junior in Israel by the age of 16.  Gal was encouraged by his parents to do well in school, and earned a GPA of 3.6 in high school and studied hard for his SATs and TOEFL tests.  After serving 3 years in the IDF, Gal is headed to the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, one of the teams in the competitive PAC-12 Conference. 

Dafna Porat

Dafna represents the best of Israeli youth, someone who served her country admirably and now will get the chance to pursue the degree in Architecture that she covets.  Here is a part of the letter Dafi (as she is known to her friends) sent to tennis coaches describing her military service: "On March 2009 I joined the Israeli army and served in The Karakal Battalion - an infantry combat battalion of the IDF that incorporates male and females soldiers in active field combat tasks on the Israel-Egypt
border.   In October 2009 I was trained as a combat medic. After accomplishing my task as the combat medic of the platoon, I  took and graduated  from the senior field medic course in October 2010. I was
promoted to Sergeant- Major and was assigned to be in charge of the medical field clinic of the battalion.    On March 2012 I was appointed as a senior field medic in the central military emergency care and trauma unit - a demanding position with intensive life saving experience.  I served this position for six months and was honorably discharged on September 2012."

Dafi will start school at Mars Hill College in South Carolina and play on the women's tennis team, and no doubt be a credit to her school and her country.

Netanel Alcabaz

Netanel has had to work hard for everything he has achieved, and managed to clear a number of hurdles in his life in order to start his college career. Growing up in Ashkelon, he was recognized as one of the most promising 14 year old tennis players in the country and was encouraged to leave his family to train at the national tennis center in Ramat Hasharon. A serious back injury kept him away from tennis for a long stretch, and Netanel battled back to regain his form.  He was all set to start school at the UNLV when the NCAA decided that the extra year he needed in high school would prevent him from being eligible right away for NCAA tennis.  He was then accepted at ASA College in NYC and will begin his new journey in September.

Aviel Malka 

I could write an entire newsletter about Aviel Malka, and it wouldn't be boring.  Here are the highlights: Aviel was born and raised in Kiryat Shemona, a northern Israel town that is on the front line of missile attacks from Lebanon. Aviel's dad was a professional basketball player and his mother a professional tennis player, and he was encouraged by them to serve his country in an elite army unit and use his athletic talents, which he did as an athletic trainer for the Israeli Navy Seals.  He has worked hard on his tennis skills over the past couple of years, and will start school at Marist College in New York this month.  Go Red Foxes!

Shachar Elisha  

Shachar starts school at ASA College in New York City and will play in the women's soccer program. She follows in the footsteps of Karin Sendel and Shay Sade, woman from Israel's National Soccer team that played college soccer after being helped by The Israel Bridge.  Shachar has played on the Israel national team since the age of 17, and just finished up her Israeli military service.  We wish her all the best in the coming year.

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