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July/August 2015 TIB Newsletter

Dan Aronovic - Thursday, September 03, 2015
                   Spotlight on

 Gilad Berman, Georgia Gwinnett College


Gilad Berman is a very talented tennis player who is getting a well-deserved second chance at finishing his college degree.  In 2012 we helped Gilad get a full scholarship to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he was a standout athlete for the team.  But a tough family situation back in Israel meant that Gilad had to leave school in mid-semester, making his return to NCAA sports an impossibility.  After a year of teaching tennis, Gilad helped his family out and was able to return to competitive play on a top level. Without much practice, he reached the semis of the National Men's Championships in December 2014, losing to Dudi Sela.  This successful run allowed Gilad to consider returning to the US and college tennis.

With our contacts at Georgia Gwinnett College, the top NAIA tennis school for the past few years, Gilad was able to get a scholarship and get back to the books.  We are very proud of our work with Gilad and look forward to his accomplishments in the classroom and the tennis court.




Who We Are: 

Ross Greenstein, former Scholarship for Athletes President, current Assistant Coach at the University of San Diego and Founder of The Israel Bridge

Dan Aronovic, Head of Operations, The Israel Bridge

Our Vision: 
The Israel Bridge will work to be the largest resource for connecting and developing relationships between Israelis and Americans.

Current activities: 
Finding athletic scholarships for deserving Israeli athletes in the US and assisting them while they live in the US. We have placed over 120 athletes in the US attending schools like Ohio State, UCLA, Northwestern, UNLV, Arizona, Duke, Tulane, Temple, the University of San Francisco and many others.

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Now Introducing the Class of 2019!


  The Israel Bridge is proud to have you meet the following members of the Class of 2019.  With three young men starting school on the West Coast this year, they are trading the Middle Eastern sun for some California fun.  Here they are:

              Hagay Yalon - Cal State Northridge  


Hagay has been playing goalie from the Maccabi Haifa junior soccer team in the last few years, a powerhouse in the Israeli leagues.  With his stellar soccer talent, excellent grades in school and high SAT scores, Hagay impressed the coaches at this top US soccer school.   


    Ido Goldschmidt -   University of California Davis


We have a new sport to follow for the next 4 years!  Ido Goldschmidt has been an outstanding waterpolo player in Israel as well as in Europe playing while for the Israeli National Team.  With very few teams offering scholarships in waterpolo in the US, Ido earned his with excellent grades and the fact that he is a lefty attacker.

                           Daniel Krutik, St. Mary's College  
 A top 10 junior tennis player, Daniel Krutik could have opted for an easier job in the army and played tournaments and trained for 3 years.  Instead, he wanted to be a combat soldier and earned two citations for excellence while serving his country.  He started school at St. Mary's College in San Francisco at the end of August.

            Daniel Skripnik, St. John's University NYC     
Daniel is one of the top tennis players in Israel, and he was quickly accepted for a scholarship at St. Johns.  He follows in the footsteps of Asaf Hoenig, a tennis player we helped get to St. Johns a number of years ago.  Daniel Skripnik is currently the 7th ranked Israeli on the ATP Tour, and he will be one to follow during the coming years.


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