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June 2017 TIB Newsletter

Dan Aronovic - Tuesday, August 08, 2017






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Who We Are:

Ross Greenstein, Former Scholarship for Athletes President and Founder of The Israel Bridge

Dan Aronovic, Head of Operations, The Israel Bridge

Our Vision:
The Israel Bridge will work to be the largest resource for connecting and developing relationships between Israelis and Americans.

Current activities:
Finding athletic scholarships for deserving Israeli athletes in the US. We have helped over 120 athletes to attend schools like Princeton University, The University of Michigan, The University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), Tulane, Ohio State, UCLA, USC, Northwestern, UNLV, Arizona, Rutgers, San Diego State, University of San Francisco, University of Washington and many others.

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The Israel Bridge Salutes the Graduates of 2017! 



Gal Hakak, University of Washington

Gal Hakak graduated from the University of Washington, where he was a student athlete on the tennis team. Gal did his undergrad degree in Economics and finished with a 3.5 GPA

The four years Gal studied at the U of W were an exciting experience for him. It is hard for him to explain it in few sentences. “It is a complicated question,” says Gal when asked to tell what he thinks about his four years in college. “During this period I learned a lot, I accumulated great knowledge, I met friends for life from all over the world, I played tennis at the highest level, and I got way better. It was a strong experience, and the best choice have done my whole life”.

In the near future Gal would like to first work and gather experience. “I am interested in the area of development of urban real estate. I want to collect some knowledge and experience and maybe in the future open my own firm. In addition, I would like to get a master’s degree in the area of economics, finances and businesses. "

Gal says that the help he received from The Israel Bridge was at the highest level. When he got to a decision to study in the U.S., he did not have the knowledge about the U.S., the colleges, and especially the complicated process of the way to get accepted to a college. “I needed an expert and an experienced person and I found both Ross Greenstein and Dan Aronovic, who had the answers and listened to my concerns. They knew how to advise me and match me with the university that fit my needs. I thank Ross, Dan and TIB for all of the help and support along the way.”


                                           Joy Kanengiser, Lindenwood University


Joy Kanengiser graduated from Lindenwood University, where she was a student athlete on the track and field team, specializing in the long jump.  Joy completed her undergrad degree in mathematics and finished with a 3.5 GPA.

Her plans for the future are still unclear to her. "I just graduated and I'm currently on vacation and taking this year to myself. I have not decided yet what I want to study for a master's degree, and maybe even a Ph.D.,” says Joy.

Joy says that the three and a half years she was at the university were unforgettable. "I am very happy about this opportunity, and I think that every Israeli athlete must try sports and school in the United States because it is nothing like any school in Israel. In the United States, every university has therapists, doctors, sports psychologists, nutritionists, fitness coaches, lift coaches, etc. – an amazing framework that our country, unfortunately, does not provide us, and it's nice to see how the sport is valued in the United States."

Joy also points out the advantage of having everything close to her at the university, “On campus there was the food, the training, and the living quarters.”

Joy is happy that she got to know many new friends that have become her family, she met friends from all over the world, improved her English, learned to be independent, had an amazing social life, and learned interesting courses.



                 Katya Tour - University of Maryland

Katya Tour is a student athlete on the tennis team of the University of Maryland. Katya is going to start her 4th year of school in September 2017.


Katya already finished her Bachelor’s degree in 3 years, and she is on her way to finish her Masters of science in accounting in only in her fourth year of school, with an impressive GPA of 3.7.


“Three years in college taught me a lot about life, about people and relationships, about work ethic and persistence through difficulties, and to never give up,” says Katya.


In the future Katya would like to get a Certified Public Accountant license, and start her career at a big accounting firm, and from there to see where her interests and preferences lie.

Katya explains how The Israel Bridge is always there for the Israeli thletes, “TIB offers an incredible support and help in case athletes need it. It is knowing that you have somebody on your side that wishes the best for you, in the land (U.S.) where everything is not familiar and often intimidating”.
















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